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[HTCondor-users] Forwarding Kerberos-Credentials

Dear all,

for some months, condor is being used at my place of work to not
waste our workstation's CPU cycles. Since the data being processed
is a little bit sensitive, we're in the process of moving from NFSv3/sec=sys
to NFSv4/gssapi which requires Kerberos credentials present when accessing
data over the network. Google uncovered some slides mentioning credential
forwarding in HTCondor but I couldn't find anything in the manual about how to
use these SEC_CREDENTIAL_* -configuration options to make that work.

Does anyone know, how to set up credential forwarding? Is is really
possible to do "forwarding" or is it more like "magically creating"
arbitrary credentials on demand (which would be slightly less optimal
in a network of workstations)?

Best regards,