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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor and private Docker registries

Hereâs what Iâve tried: 

after configuring a simple user-password access to the docker hub I logged in it on every slave machine (and I tried to manually pull the image on each one of them, successfully). In my mind this should be sufficient fro HTCondor to pull the image from the private hub on each slave. However I get the "Cannot start container: invalid image nameâ error, and I donât know whyâ I cross checked switching back to an open-access hub and it worksâ

On 27 Oct 2017, at 12:27, Luigi Pertoldi <luigi.pertoldi@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear HTCondor and Docker experts,

Iâm configuring HTCondor 8.4 to run jobs using Docker containers. I cannot put the Docker images on a public hub as they contain non-free software, so I created a Docker registry (with the âregistryâ image distributed by Docker) on my local network, and everything works fine with HTCondor. Now I want to restrict access to this registry for few people of my team, for example with a login user and password, as documented for example here. How can I grant access also to the condor user? Should I implement (if possible) a different authentication method, maybe based on personal certificates?

Thanks in advance
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