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Re: [HTCondor-users] PRIVATE_NETWORK_INTERFACE ignored for single dual stack interface

Looking at the code that decides what a daemon will advertise, I'm wondering if you're tripping on the case where your private network address is also your best (most public) IPv4 address*. If that's the case, HTCondor currently doesn't advertise the private network at all, on the basis that it would be pointless. Clearly, this logic is left over from before HTCondor supported mixed-mode machines and needs to be updated.

As a work-around, what happens if you use NETWORK_INTERFACE to specify the IPv6 address? (Your machine's IPv6 addresses probably share a common prefix, so you should be able to use a wildcard here.) That is, if you have NETWORK_INTERFACE set to the (public?) IPv6 address and PRIVATE_NETWORK_INTERFACE set to the private IPv4 address, do things work the way you want?

- ToddM

*: So this check is broken if your private network is IPv6.