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Re: [HTCondor-users] htcondor + gpudirect + openmpi

I've been using the job ad file for non-dynamic values. For dynamic stuff you could use condor_chirp get_job_attr.

     condor_q -jobads $_CONDOR_JOB_AD -autoformat RequestCpus

-Michael Pelletier.

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> Hi Jason,
> I think I have done something wrong, or its just working since I have
> installed Mellanox OFED 4.1.
> Up to now I have tested it only with openmpi-2.0.2a1 but at least for this
> version its working if I make a loop over the requested gpus to just get
> more lines in the machine file and for the -n argument I have to multiply
> $_CONDOR_NPROCS with the requested gpus.
> How I get the number of requested gpus in the script?
> At the moment I would parse
> _CONDOR_AssignedGPUs and count them.
> OMP_NUM_THREADS can be used to get the request_cpus value but in general
> this is not the number of mpinodes per node.
> Up to now I just test the cpus but I hope I can start with real gpu jobs
> soon.