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Re: [HTCondor-users] Environment variables in Windows

when a job is run as the the submitting user, the system environment variables as for that user will be loaded, just as if that user had logged-in interactively.  


So, first you should log in to the execute machine as that user and see what environment is getting set.  If it is not what you want, then you will have to change the Windows configuration.


Once you know that is correct, we can look at what HTCondor does. 


Run_as_owner is both a configuration option on the execute node (to allow run_as_owner).  and a job submit attribute (to request run_as_owner).  You must specify both for a job to run as the owner.  otherwise none of the system environment variables are loaded unless the job specifies load_profile=true.  With load_profile, you get the system environment for the default user.  Without either load_profile or run_as_owner in the job, you get no system environment at all.




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I am trying to run a software in Condor under Windows that has some configuration defined in environment variables (license, paths, etc.), but I find that Condor is not loading system environment vars. Attribute “load_profile” is not an option, because Condor is set up as “run_as_owner”.


Is there an easy method to get those system environment variables loaded?


So far I have found the “environment” and “getenv” attributes, but I would really prefer for this stuff to stay in the server side.



Thanks a lot