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[HTCondor-users] Permission issues

Hello all


I am having some difficulties with permissions when running jobs in condor. We are several users accessing the cluster, and I need files to be accessible by everyone. We have a main file-server and several worker-machines, accessing the file server via NFS. If I create some file (touch somefile) this gets correct permissions, and other users can write to it. If I use nfs4_getfacl I get permissions ‘rwatcy’ as I expect. However, when I submit a job to condor, the files created there get permissions ‘rtcy’, and as such are not writable by other users. Are there any settings in condor I need to set, in order to achieve this?


I have local config files per host, where the CONDOR_IDs are set to the condor user. Condor is started via systemctl. The condor user is not a member of the group that all the main users are; is that an issue? When I type ‘condor_status -master | grep Uid’ I get ‘RealUid = 0’ which tells me that condor is running as root and as such should have all permission, correct?


We have recently updated from Centos 6, and this problem arose when we updated to Centos 7. We are using condor version 8.6.11.






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