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[HTCondor-users] Inconsistent schedd name

Hi all,

TLDR: How to make schedds/daemons use their FQDN as Name?

We have a problem with some third-party (grid) script layer not working correctly because our schedds use inconsistent names. Most use their FQDN (as we need) but two only use their hostname without domain [1].
That also affects GLobalJobID, the scripts wrongly assumes the FQDN in there, and, well, you know such stories...

All configuration related to host names looks the same on working and broken nodes [2,3]. Condor version is the same as well [4].
Any idea what is causing this Name mismatch, and how we can fix it?


[1] condor_status -schedd
Name                Machine             RunningJobs   IdleJobs   HeldJobs

arc-1-kit.gridka.de arc-1-kit.gridka.de        3637        543          0
arc-2-kit.gridka.de arc-2-kit.gridka.de        2690        483          0
arc-3-kit           arc-3-kit.gridka.de        1080        275          0
arc-4-kit           arc-4-kit.gridka.de        1452        361          0
arc-5-kit.gridka.de arc-5-kit.gridka.de        3903        586          0
arc-6-kit.gridka.de arc-6-kit.gridka.de        2486        450          0

[2] condor_config_val -schedd -dump -expand | grep arc
# Configuration from schedd on arc-1-kit.gridka.de <>
<security stuff>
FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN = arc-1-kit.gridka.de
FULL_HOSTNAME = arc-1-kit.gridka.de
HOSTNAME = arc-1-kit
PRIVATE_NETWORK_NAME = arc-1-kit.gridka.de

[3] condor_config_val -schedd -dump -expand | grep arc
# Configuration from schedd on arc-3-kit <>
<security stuff>
FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN = arc-3-kit.gridka.de
FULL_HOSTNAME = arc-3-kit.gridka.de
HOSTNAME = arc-3-kit
PRIVATE_NETWORK_NAME = arc-3-kit.gridka.de

[4] condor_version
$CondorVersion: 8.6.11 May 10 2018 BuildID: 440910 $
$CondorPlatform: x86_64_RedHat7 $

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