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Re: [HTCondor-users] run a script when all jobs complete

One fairly straightforward way would be to use DAGMan:

Your jobs don't have any dependencies, but DAGMan allows you to specify a "FINAL" node that gets run after everything else.

There's some other advantages offered by dagman, such as retrying failed jobs, recovery of a partially-completed run, throttling job submission (if you need it), running scripts before and/or after each job, etc.


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> Hello.  I need to run a python (or bash) script when all jobs of a
> particular submission are complete.  Should I use hooks and
> HOOK_JOB_CLEANUP?  If so, could someone point me to a simple example since
> I have not been able to configure it properly.  Is there
> another/better/easier way?
> Running HTCondor 8.6.8 on Rocks 7.0
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