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[HTCondor-users] Singularity and interactive jobs


We've recently run into two issues with Singularity and interactive jobs. We've been moving nodes to EL7 and running jobs inside of Singularity containers with EL6 to ease the process for users. One side affect has been that interactive jobs seem to not be working as I hope.

I've been able to confirm that what was done here worked on our system as well for running an interactive job inside a Singularity container.


But I am unsure about the implications of specifying "UsePrivilegeSeparation no". I would think that would be fine, as were running sandbox directory Singularity images in the unprivileged user namespace. The main issue we are finding here is that we keep our sandbox directory images in a cvmfs repository, which in turn chowns everything to cvmfs:cvmfs, so it's able to properly jail the process in /var/empty/sshd/.

I had then wanted to switch to running interactive jobs outside of Singularity. That seems to have issues of it's own.

What I would like to do is specify where if "TARGET.InteractiveJob == true" to set "SINGULARITY_JOB = false".

In theory, I would think

"SINGULARITY_JOB = (TARGET.InteractiveJob is true) ? False : True"

But this doesn't seem to be the case.

The way that I currently define "SINGULARITY_JOB" allows the option to not run as a Singularity job, which I can confirm works outside of interactive jobs, if the "+NATIVE_OS = True" is defined in the submit file.


However, even with condor_submit -interactive -a '+NATIVE_OS = True'

Is this behavior expected with interactive jobs? Or am I doing something wrong with my classads?