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Re: [HTCondor-users] Vendor support

I can highly recommend the team at the Center for High Throughput Computing. The cost for a basic support subscription is very reasonable, and they are uniformly helpful and responsive. Needless to say, they're also highly knowledgeable since they wrote the code to begin with. On a number of occasions they have provided us with patched binaries to correct issues we've encountered well before the fix was incorporated into the next release.

Our first installation in 2013 started out with them, and their advice and recommendations were very helpful as I worked to get my brain around the unique and powerful paradigm that HTCondor is based on, and we've continued to rely on them as the use of HTCondor has grown and evolved here ever since.

We haven't yet used their professional services offerings, but I'm sure there's quite a number of others who have who can comment. Judging by their presentations at HTCondor Week, a visit from Christina or Lauren would result in some extremely fruitful and productive days.


	-Michael Pelletier.

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Can anyone suggest a Vendor for HTCondor support and/or professional services? 

Mike O'Donnell