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[HTCondor-users] Bug report: Job requirments do not consider 'TARGET.Cpus >= RequestCpus' if RequestCpus is a nested conditional expression

Hi htcondor community,

We are on condor version 8.5.8. We would like to report a case that we believe is a bug. I am not sure if it was reported before or not.

When a user specify a nested conditional _expression_ for RequestCpus, for instance,
RequestCpus = ifthenelse(Target.Cpus >= 5,ifthenelse(Target.Cpus <= 11,Target.Cpus,cores),5)

We can confirm that the constraint TARGET.Cpus >= RequestCpus will not be added automatically to the job requirement. This makes that matchmaking succeed but the actual claim of the slot fail.

The simple workaround is addingÂTARGET.Cpus >= RequestCpus manually in the job requirement.

Hope it has been or will be fixed in the latest stable release version.