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[HTCondor-users] singularity --writable in condor?

I'm seeing the following error when running singularity jobs in condor on LIGO clusters:

ERRORÂ : Failed creating home directory in container /var/singularity/mnt/final/home/jclark: Operation not supported
ABORTÂ : Retval = 255

I can reproduce this at the command line with:

singularity exec /cvmfs/ligo-containers.opensciencegrid.org/james-clark/bayeswave:master BayesWave

I can fix this by adding --writable to the command line, e.g.,:

singularity exec --writable ...

How do we pass this option in condor?

James Clark
Research Scientist

Center for Relativistic Astrophysics
School of Physics
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta GA 30332
office: Boggs 1-110
Tel. (cell): Â413-230-1412