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Re: [HTCondor-users] Job start time estimation

Hey Dan,

If you run condor_q -long on a job ID, you'll be able to see its entire ClassAd, and in there will be a number of different timestamps you can use:

$ condor_q -long 12345.0 | egrep 'Date|Time'

CommittedSlotTime = 0
CommittedSuspensionTime = 0
CommittedTime = 0
CompletionDate = 0
CumulativeSlotTime = 0
CumulativeSuspensionTime = 0
JobCurrentStartDate = 1526315187
JobCurrentStartExecutingDate = 1526315188
JobMaxVacateTime = 300
JobStartDate = 1526315187
LastMatchTime = 1526315187
LastSuspensionTime = 0
QDate = 1526315173
RemoteWallClockTime = 0.0
ServerTime = 1526323107

The attribute you're looking for is the JobCurrentStartExecutingDate.
This is different from the JobCurrentStartDate, which includes time spent running PreCmd and input file transfers.

	-Michael Pelletier.

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Is there a way to query condor for a job start time estimation (equivalent to Maui showstart)?  

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