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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor 8.6.11 Released

On Fri, 2018-05-11 at 19:13:45 -0700, Stephen Chan wrote:
>    The other day a coworker looked at the dockerfile for our condor
> workers, and asked me about the condor tarball I'm pulling from the build
> farm...
>    Any ETA on an official Debian 9 package?

Never ask for ETAs... Well, at least try to. ;)

As long as that isn't provided (I'm watching
and its "development" counterpart, as well as the pool directory directly, we've
got to choose from
- the "official" build submitted into Debian before Stretch was frozen (8.4.11)
- a backport from 8.6.8 that's currently in testing=Buster/unstable=sid
with the caveat that one follows the "htcondor" naming scheme and is split into
multiple packages while the other is a monolithic "condor" (and since the 8.6.8
upload to Debian unstable, there are no transitional "condor*" packages anymore).

Since I don't like either option too much, I'll keep waiting.
There's no estimate of how long my patience will last though, and very probably,
I'd go for a modified = condor*-enhanced backport, just to be able to upgrade
from an earlier installation.

It might be helpful to learn what had been done to produce the 8.6.8 Debian
(unstable/testing) source package - perhaps that procedure could be cloned for
newer releases as well, in particular since Standard Universe magic isn't
required anymore?


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