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[HTCondor-users] Power management not working in Windows

I am trying to enable power magement in condor for Windows. I am using the condor_config.power available in condor/etc/. I put a 'include : $(RELEASE_DIR)\etc\condor_config.power' in condor_config. Also, I enabled ROOSTERÂ and put a 'COLLECTOR_PERSISTENT_AD_LOG = $(RELEASE_DIR)\log\PersistentAds' in the central manager. But after 36hrs computers keep awake. I already verified that S3 mode is supported in al computers using 'powercfg -A'.

Dr. Julio Augusto Freyre-Gonzalez (PhD)
Associate Professor
Head of the Regulatory Systems Biology Group
Evolutionary Genomics Program
Center for Genomic Sciences
National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)