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[HTCondor-users] condor_history query to collect all the jobs executed the day before

Dear all,

We create log files to fill our accounting through condor_history queries. Everyday we run a condor_history query to collect the jobs finished the day before in a log file. At the beginning, we were using CompletionDate as the endtime of the jobs to determine if the jobs finish the day before, but we have observed that the jobs killed remain with CompletionDate=0 and then, they were not considered. So, in the past, we run something like this:

/usr/bin/condor_history -const "CompletionDate >= $yesterday && CompletionDate < $today" [...]Â

where $yesterday is "date --date='00:00:00 yesterday' +%s" and todayÂ
"date --date='00:00:00 today' +%s".

However, we are interested to collect in our log files all the jobs executed, it does not matter if they finished correctly or were killed. Thus, we are now considering to use "JobStartDate+RemoteWallclockTime && RemoteWallclockTime !=0" as condition, taking into account that all the jobs with RemoteWallclockTime !=0 have to be accounted. What do you think? Or there is a ClassAd attribute similar to CompletionDate that we are missing to know the exact time a job ends (killed or not)?

We are running HTCondor 8.6.10.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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