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Re: [HTCondor-users] Singularity: bind-mounting scratch dir onto dedicated target mount fails

Hi again,

I sidestepped the issue somewhat by upgrading to the recent dev release
8.7.10 with its support for SINGULARITY_EXTRA_ARGUMENTS
the HOMEs on the paths are available in the container (as far as I
understand the Singularity flag abandons most of the mount namespace
Probably it can be circumvent a bit more elegant optimizing
Siingularity's config.


On 2018-11-05 15:37, Thomas Hartmann wrote:
> Hi all,
> I see occasional problems for jobs started into Singularity containers
> that the target bind-mount of the job's scratch dir is not writable [1].
> Nominally, I am mounting scratch onto /srv in the container, where /srv
> is existing as directory in the container (or is the target dir supposed
> to be not existing in the container? Overlay is enabled for Singularity).
> Cheers,
>   Thomas
> [1]
> ESC[33mWARNING: Could not create mount point directory in container
> /var/singularity/mnt/final/var/home/desyusr003: Operation not supported
> ESC[0mESC[33mWARNING: Not mounting /tmp (already mounted in container)
> ESC[0mESC[33mWARNING: Not mounting /var/tmp (already mounted in container)
> ESC[0mmkdir: cannot create directory
> `/mR6MDmgpudtn31DnJpCqFYppBe2THoABFKDmQwfKDmABFKDmzPU8Xm': Permission denied
> mv: cannot move `././stest.sh' to
> `mR6MDmgpudtn31DnJpCqFYppBe2THoABFKDmQwfKDmABFKDmzPU8Xm/.': No such file
> or directory
> /srv//condor_exec.exe: line 89:
> /mR6MDmgpudtn31DnJpCqFYppBe2THoABFKDmQwfKDmABFKDmzPU8Xm.diag: Permission
> denied
> /srv//condor_exec.exe: line 94: cd:
> /mR6MDmgpudtn31DnJpCqFYppBe2THoABFKDmQwfKDmABFKDmzPU8Xm: No such file or
> directory
> Failed to switch to
> '/mR6MDmgpudtn31DnJpCqFYppBe2THoABFKDmQwfKDmABFKDmzPU8Xm'
> btw: in the root namespace /home is a bind-mount to /var/home, where
> pool accounts live.
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