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Re: [HTCondor-users] Cannot use multiple arguments to run MPI application in "parallel" universe

Since HTCondor dates back to before the days of multi-processor systems, the old static-slot configuration abstracts each core in a multi-core system as a separate machine in keeping with the original one-core==one-machine paradigm. Using partitionable slots brings the resource allocation into the modern multi-core age.

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Now i can run your MPI program with correct output. Thank you so much!

I am a little bit confused by the concept "machine". In this presentation,Âhttps://meetings.internet2.edu/media/medialibrary/2015/10/19/20151008-thain-htcondor-admin-tutorial.pdf
it says: "Machine â An individual computer, managed by one startd", this means "machine" is a physical machine.

but when I run condor_q on my 24-core server(I have only this server), i got result as follows:
          ÂMachines Owner Claimed Unclaimed Matched Preempting Drain
    X86_64/LINUX   Â24  Â0   Â4    20   Â0     0   0
       ÂTotal   Â24  Â0   Â4    20   Â0     0   0
Here "machines" is 24, it means it's not a "physical" machine, but a core or a slot.

Could you please clarify for me? In addition, what does node mean? My condor version is 8.6.12 for CentOS.