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[HTCondor-users] Managing dynamic services

Is there a standard way for Condor to manage local privileged dynamic services on an execute machine depending on whether any currently matched jobs have requested it?

Put another way, instead of matching a job to a machine that already has a service running, what is the best way to handle individual jobs optionally requesting a service that is started by condor when a match occurs and before the condor job starts, along with Condor stopping the service after the last job requesting it has finished running?

The context of this question is Linux systems running systemd if there is a natural hook there.

The second part I think is straightforward, but I would also like each execute machine to advertise the current status of this ephemeral service for monitoring purposes, throttling the total number of systems in the pool with this service currently active, and ranking jobs to match machines already running this service.


Stuart Anderson  anderson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx