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[HTCondor-users] jobs stuck; cannot get rid of them.

Hi all,

There is a discrepancy between what condor_q thinks is runing, and what condor_status things is running. I run this set of commands to see the difference.

# condor_status -af JobId -af Cpus | grep -v undef | sort | sed -e "s/\.0//"> s # condor_q -af ClusterId -af RequestCpus -constraint "JobStatus=?=2" | sort > q
# diff s q
< 1079641 8
< 1080031 8
< 1080045 8
< 1080321 1

See; condor_status has 4 jobs that actually don't exist in condor_q !?!

They've been there for days, since I had some Linux problems that needed a reboot (not very related to htcondor.)

So I'm losing 25 slots, due to this. How can I purge this stale information from the HTCondor system, good and proper?



Steve Jones                             sjones@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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High Energy Physics Division            tel (int): 43396
Oliver Lodge Laboratory                 tel (ext): +44 (0)151 794 3396
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