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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_userprio

Hi Alessandra et. al.,

I am also trying to get an understanding on how Condor calculates user
prios over time.

Thing is, that we have two large user(s)/group(s) and a few smaller
ones, where three are noticable. (a bit complicated by the fact that
some of these have either pure multicore jobs or a varying mix of single
and multicores)

The two larger ones have GROUP_QUOTA_DYNAMIC of about the same value --
and the three smaller ones have each about ~1/10th of the larger users

So, I have been tracking userprios over time to compare to the number of
allocated resources aka cores.

Thing is, that for example user 'LHCb' started mid of last week to
submit significant jobs. As they had been dormant for some time, I would
understand some higher allocation during the first few days.
However, Condor still allocates ~20% of the resources to the group,
while it should be <6% nominal share and still the group prio is below
of the two dominant users/ groups (ignoring for the moment subgroups and
job run times).

User 'Belle' is supposed to get ~10% of the resources, i.e., ~1.5k cores
-- while they are submitting somewhat constantly, their share moves
between ~1.5k and up two ~3k of used cores.

Tuning the GROUP_QUOTA_DYNAMIC values seem to have no significant impact
on the short/mid term prios AFAIS, so I wonder, how the nominal shares
can be enforced a bit more strict?


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