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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor and OS architecture

You can submit jobs from Linux and run them on Windows and viseversa.  But the you must specify in your submit file the target OpSys of the job, By default, submitted jobs have


OpSys == âLINUXâ or OpSys == âWINDOWSâ


Added to their Requirements _expression_, so that they will only match machines that are the same operating system as were they are submitted.


If you specify Requirements in your submit file, and if that Requirements _expression_ uses OpSys, then the default OpSys requirement is disabled.


As for running jobs.  Jobs that are compiled to run on a Linux machine will *not* run on a Windows machine (and visaversa). Although Microsoft has said they plan to change that â and for running Windows on Linux there is WINE â but HTCondor does not do anything special to make jobs run in a cross-platform way.  It is up to you to specify Requirements so that you jobs will only match machines that the jobs can run on â and to install cross-platform software on your execute nodes if necessary.




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Perhaps trivial question whose answer maybe present in some online manual but I couldn't find it..


In my case I am installing HTcondor on win and Linux machines, I am wondering if Linux nodes will be able to work on jobs compiled/submitted from win and viceversa?