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Re: [HTCondor-users] Make runs fail?


Some quick thoughts on the below --

1. Whenever I hear someone saying they are doing a parameter sweep from 
a probability distribution and want to throw out the jobs that run for a 
long time (or use a lot of memory, or whatever), alarm bells go off.  Be 
aware that by removing these longer running jobs, you may be introducing 
a significant statistical bias in your sample that could render your 
scientific results as flawed!  Proceed with caution....

2. Perhaps instead of doing "condor_rm 1.10", you could do "condor_hold 
1.10" which would free the cores and hopefully sstill keep 
PEST/YAMR/Panter from submitting another jobs with the same parameters? 
Then once all your modeling work is done, you could simply condor_rm 

3. How do you go about telling if the jobs will be worthless to you 
after the first hour?  I ask because perhaps it can be something that is 
easily automated... ie you can tell HTCondor to automatically 
condor_hold or condor_rm jobs that run for more than hour...

Hope the above thoughts help,

On 10/19/2018 9:58 AM, Kitlasten, Wesley via HTCondor-users wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using the parameter estimation software PEST to run multiple models
> (jobs). PEST uses YAMR and Panther, although I struggle to make sense of
> how everything works together.
> The parameters are determined from a probability distribution. Some
> parameter combinations (jobs) can take 12+ hours to run, and from previous
> experience I can tell the results of those runs will be worthless to 
> me. I can usually
> tell which jobs will be useless within the first hour. I would like to
> remove these jobs after about 1 hours to free up cores for other runs 
> but have them returned as failed jobs and not be resubmitted to the pool.
> For example, if I type "condor_rm 1.10" it will
> remove that job, but the model with those parameters will just be
> resubmitted to another node and start over. However, if the job truly 
> fails a job with
> those parameters will not be resubmitted.
> Is there a way to remove a job and have condor return a failed status,
> rather than have the same parameters run under a different job name?
> References:
> https://github.com/dwelter/pestpp
> https://github.com/jtwhite79/pestpp/tree/master/bin/iwin
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