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[HTCondor-users] Cannot sent jobs as Owner in WindowsOS


We setup a condor pool in our department in a Windows10 environment. Everything is working fine so far.
Only: We are using a shared file system!
To overcome this we send a batch file with each job to each not who is doing the drivemapping.
This works, but has several disadvantages (eg, drives are disconnected, when several jobs are run by the same machine on different slots)

I would like to send and process the job as "owner". 
Not the default "condor-slot user" is procesing the job, but actually the person who is logged on the submitter and is sending the job.

For this we created a user "calibration*. This user is registered in our domain and has admin-permission on all machines (All win 10) connected to the pool.

For this I edited the config file on Submitter and Executing nodes:

UID_DOMAIN = lgs-net.com

The submission files are having in addition following entry
Run_As_Owner = true

I also used "condor_store_cred add" on submitter and pool to store PW for user "calibration"

Still its not working!
Jobs are created. Also .err and .out files. But they are not picked by Scheduler. Using "condor_q": No jobs in queue.

Can someone give some hints?

I made two observations:
1) I cannot use "condor_store_cred add" on executing machines. It returns an error "operation failed". Make sure you have WRITE permission onto this node. Although "WRITE = *" is set in all config files.
2) By default our Software adds "load_profile = true" in all submission files. Could this be a potential problem?

Best regards,