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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_submit -interactive with -Y instead of -X?

Thanks for the information, Greg!

So far it appears that the "-oForwardX11Trusted=yes" is overriding the -X, and the users are back on track. Time for moar debug to figure out why untrusted no longer is cooperating on some systems.

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On 09/20/2018 09:35 AM, Michael Pelletier wrote:
> Is it possible to tweak the condor_submit -interactive ssh_to_job arguments to replace the "-X" with a "-Y"? I tried updating CONDOR_SSH_TO_JOB_SSH_CMD" to include -oForwardX11Trusted=yes, but the command turns out with "ssh -X -oForwardX11Trusted" instead. Thanks for any suggestions! In the meantime I'll try to figure out why untrusted forwarding seems to have stopped working...

Right now this is hard-wired, and the only way to change it would be to edit the condor_submit binary...

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