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[HTCondor-users] User Quotas

Hi All,

I currently have a system in place in which users submit jobs via the web.

* A job submit file is created automatically for the job, and the
user's username is added to the submit file as "accounting_group =
* (We could change this to accounting_group_user if needed or +AccountingGroup)
* They submit file containers one owner  (+Owner = "condor_pool")

How would I achieve

1) something similar to MAX_JOBS_PER_OWNER, in which I limit a maximum
number of queued (not completed/idle/held) jobs for a user? (If the
queue is excessively long, a user's requested web resource may expire
by the time their job runs, so we would like to prevent them from
submitting the job in the first place)

2) something similar for MAX_RUNNING_SCHEDULER_JOBS_PER_OWNER, which
sets a limit of queued jobs in the entire system, but again uses

3) something like user quotas, instead of group quotas (it's mentioned
briefly in https://lists.cs.wisc.edu/archive/htcondor-users/2014-April/msg00046.shtml

Thank you for your help