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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor 8.6.3 - Jobs evicted even if other slots are free

Hi Jaime,

on Negotiator machines:

[root@condorcl1 condor]# condor_config_val NEGOTIATOR_PRE_JOB_RANK
RemoteOwner =?= UNDEFINED

We did't touch it and jobs don't use all free slots.

I can add that on NegotiatorLog we have a lot of:

"Failing attempt to update or invalidate collector ad because of missing daemon address (probably an unresolved hostname; daemon name is '""')."


"DaemonCore: Can't receive command request from (perhaps a timeout?)"

where is Negotiator IP Addr.

and we are not able to fix.

How we can force to use free slots then?

Thanks again


On 4/2/19 11:48 PM, Jaime Frey wrote:
Because of your machine RANK _expression_, DetChar jobs will always preemptÂNoEMiTest jobs on any machine. So the key to preventing theÂundesirable preemptions is to ensure that when the negotiator sorts all of the machines that match a DetChar job, the idle machines appear at the top of the list.ÂWith the default settings and the local config changes listed, that should be happening.Â

The configuration parameterÂNEGOTIATOR_PRE_JOB_RANK is how you enforce a particular ordering of machines for each job being matched. If all of your machines have the same RANK _expression_, then the default value for NEGOTIATOR_PRE_JOB_RANK should make the negotiator to prefer matching idle machines. Have you changed this setting?