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Re: [HTCondor-users] htcondor gpu numbering

You can use $$([]) in a submit file to have an expression evaluated against the machine ad when the job is matched.  So to pass the GPU
ordinal you could do something like this

request_gpus = 1
executable = myjob.exe
# strip extract the first number from the machines AssignedGPUs attribute
arguments = -device $$([regexps("\d+",AssignedGPUs,"\0")])

Note that this technique doesn't work if your job is assigned more than 1 GPU

You may not need to do this, however.   HTCondor will automatically set the CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES and/or GPU_DEVICE_ORDINAL environment variables to the GPUs that are assigned to the slot.


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I have read in the manual that gpu numbering for the variable
AssigneGPUs is or CUDAx or OCLx.

My program can get the device via a -device command line parameter,
which is an Integer starting from zero.

The question is how to strip the OCL part in order to pass the parameter
to my program via -device x.


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