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Re: [HTCondor-users] Setting up a minimum delay before retrying a job that has failed?

Hi Nicolas,

I think you could do that inside the node start expression, something like: 

START = (NumJobStarts < 1) || ((CurrentTime - EnteredCurrentStatus) > (<time in secs>)

Would probably do the trick, need to test it of course as I am to lazy to do that right now, and you have to combine it with your other START dependencys most likely ;) 

Maybe it's not the most intelligent place to do that either but it's one way to get around your problem for sure .... 


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Betreff: [HTCondor-users] Setting up a minimum delay before retrying a job	that has failed?


Is there an easy way to set a (minimum) delay between two (re)tries of 
an HTCondor job? That would help in case the failure is due to a 
transient problem (like the unavailability of the input data) that is 
likely to be solved after O(few minutes) at most. Currently the retries 
are so quick that the maximum number of retries is reached before the 
transient problem gets cleared.

Thanks in advance,


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