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[HTCondor-users] HTCondor Week 2019: Preliminary schedule posted, registration extension

Hello HTCondor Users and Collaborators,

We have posted a preliminary schedule for HTCondor Week 2019 on the event page. While this is incomplete and subject to change, it should give people an overall sense of which talks are happening and when:


Some people wanted to see a schedule before registering, so we are extending the registration deadline to Friday, May 10. There will be no further extensions beyond this date. Please register soon at https://charge.wisc.edu/condor/register.aspx.

Lastly, we only have a handful of speaker slots left. The official abstract deadline is May 1, but we expect the schedule to be full before then. If you are interested in doing a talk, please submit an abstract as soon as possible. Remember, this is just a quick summary of your talk which you can change later. You don't need to submit slides until the day of the event:


We look forward to seeing you at HTCondor Week 2019!

- The Center for High Throughput Computing