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[HTCondor-users] Making transfer_output / transfer_error depend on ExitCode

Dear HTCondor experts,

one of our users had a rather simple question, but it seems the solution is not as easy as expected (or I am missing something).

He wants to transfer job output (stdout) and error (stderr) back to the submit node via file transfer only if the job exits with an exit-code != 0.

I tried:
transfer_output=(ExitBySignal == False) && (ExitCode == 0)
but during submission, this yields:
Submitting job(s) ERROR: transfer_output=(ExitBySignal == False) && (ExitCode == 0) is invalid, must eval to a boolean.
I presume by design this must be evaluated on submission (to decide if the file permission checks need to be done, which were in the past done during submission by default).

Is there another way?


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