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[HTCondor-users] Cancel peaceful shutdown / cgroupsv2


two quick questions which possibly don't warrant a full email on their own:

(1) After running condor_off -peaceful -daemon startd on a node, is it
possible to cancel this?

Background: We have to shuffle servers around and want to be nice
admins. Therefore, we stop the nodes peaceful 12+ hours in advance
before powering them off - and killing jobs which are still running then.

However, sometimes plans change and we have nodes where say 10 cores are
idle due to the shutdown but 2 cores are busy with jobs running for
another day or so. Then we have the choice to let these job finish and
"waste" the idle cores or kill those for the greater benefit. Or is
there a third option?

(2) I have not found it in the docs and I will only be able to start
testing this with condor 8.8 on Debian Buster after your next point
release, but do you already support cgroups v2? Our preliminary testing
has shown it to be quite powerful in terms of preventing jobs going into
swap while allowing processes outside of condor to use swap if needed.

Cheers and thanks a lot in advance


Dr. Carsten Aulbert, Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics,
CallinstraÃe 38, 30167 Hannover, Germany
Phone: +49 511 762 17185

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