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Re: [HTCondor-users] ImageSize value

What you should be looking at is MemoryUsage rather than Image size. 

condor_status normally will show only ImageSize, not ImageSize_RAW.

condor_q should have both an ImageSize and  ImageSize_RAW value,   ImageSize_RAW is the unquantized value, while
ImageSize is quantized from ImageSize_RAW. The quantization is meant to make matchmaking more efficient if the job 
exits and needs to be re-run.  

Detected values  like MemoryUsage and ImageSize are updated periodically, and are not passed between daemons instantaneously, 
So you should expect the values between condor_ q and condor_status to be  a little bit different most of the time
because they represent the value of ImageSize at different times.


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Hi all,

I'm developing an interface to monitor cluster jobs in my Institute.
We have the version 8.6.3 of Condo with partitionable slots.

I had the surprise to discover that the ImageSize value is different
whether I get it from "condor_status -l" or "condor_q -l" for the same
slot/job. Is there an explanation for that?

For example, I have, for the same job:
 - from condor_q: ImageSize = 931876
 - from condor_status: ImageSize_RAW = 1161832

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