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[HTCondor-users] how to manipulate the number of available slots on a running WN


I do have another maybe typical administrative task, there are works on the powerlines scheduled and I have to scale down the powerconsumption of the pool. 

To do so my initial idea is to reduce the number of available slots per condor WN in forehand of the works: 

(on the WN all slots are partitionable) 

PowerSave = false
PowerSaveCpus = 2
STARTD_ATTRS = StartJobs, PowerSave, $(STARTD_ATTRS)
NUM_CPUS = ifThenElse($(PowerSave), $(PowerSaveCpus), $(DETECTED_CPUS))

It works so far in the sense that by putting 'PowerSave' to true the number of 'NUM_CPUS' is set accordingly. Unfortunately I seem to need a condor restart for the change to take effect in terms of reduction of slotnumber (which is not what I want) ? 

Is there a more clever way to reduce the number of slots by htcondor configuration means or any way to make the pool node honor the change without restart ? 


Christoph Beyer
DESY Hamburg

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