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Re: [HTCondor-users] Unable to run a standard universe job.

On 6/18/2019 1:15 PM, Michael Murphy wrote:
> I got the standard universe job to run by dropping the submitter's 
> firewall. Vanilla jobs work just fine through our host firewalls
> thanks to the shared port. Is there a way to constrain the ports
> required for standard universe jobs for firewall transversal?
> Thanks!

Hi Michael,

Shared port is the way to go for everything except sites that need run
standard universe jobs, which is why it is enabled by default. 

With standard universe jobs, you cannot constrain the port usage down to a
single port like you can with shared port, but you can constrain it to a
port range.  The size of the range is a function of the number of
standard universe jobs that may be running in the pool at any one time.
 To constrain the port usage for standard universe, use IN_LOWPORT and
IN_HIGHPORT.  More details are at:


Be aware that support for standard universe jobs ends with the v8.8 series.  
HTCondor v8.9 and future releases will not support standard universe jobs.