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Re: [HTCondor-users] v8.8/9 Late materialization documentation typo (and bug/error)?

Just to update on the late materializationÂ+ x509 user proxies.

If I change the owner of my proxy file to "condor" (rather than my own username), then the proxy can be read.
This only happens if I try to use late materialization, so it seems like a bug.Â
If so, how do I report the issue by the way (or is this mail-list the right way for reporting issues)?.

Thanks in advance for the support!

Best Regards,

On Fri, Mar 1, 2019 at 3:32 PM Kenyi Paolo HurtadoAnampa <khurtado@xxxxxx> wrote:

I'm reading the documentation on late materialization available for HTCondor 8.7.4+ and noticed it says the schedd needs the following:


However, the real knob seems to be (at least from my tests):


Is this just a typo?
Also, when I try to submit jobs that require a grid proxy to be forwarded using this feature (using "max_materialize = 4" in my submit file), I get an "unable to read proxy file" error that doesn't happen when "SCHEDD_ALLOW_LATE_MATERIALIZE = false". The error is the following:

TriggerEventTypeNumber = 35
037 (1532.-01.000) 03/01 21:22:04 Job Materialization Paused
    failed to create ClassAd for Job 1532.0 : Submit:-1:unable to read proxy file

    PauseCode 1
028 (1532.-01.000) 03/01 21:22:04 Job ad information event triggered.
JOB_Site = "$$(GLIDEIN_Site:Unknown)"
JOB_GLIDEIN_Name = "$$(GLIDEIN_Name:Unknown)"
Reason = "failed to create ClassAd for Job 1532.0 : Submit:-1:unable to read proxy file

My proxy has the typical patter /tmp/x509up_$(id -u $USER) and has the right ownership/permissions.Â
If I comment the x509proxy line in my submit file, then I see 4 jobs materialized! But of course, those will stay Idle forever because of the missing proxy.
Any idea on this one?