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[HTCondor-users] condor_ssh_to_job issues

Two somewhat annoying issues i ran into with the otherwise *very cool* condor_ssh_to_job (for a docker universe job, in case that matters).

1. I've noticed that when i condor_ssh_to_job (for an interactive ssh terminal session), and then i resize my terminal, bash's readline support gets all confused about where to wrap lines.

This is true even if i do a "kill -WINCH $$" from bash, which suggests to me that the pty created for the condor_ssh_to_job session has wrong information that's not getting updated.

Maybe the SIGWINCH from my terminal is not making its way to the pty created because the sshd is outside the docker container's PID namespace, or maybe the pty just doesn't update its size info after it gets created.

Any ideas?

2. It seems that if i condor_ssh_to_job multiple times to keep multiple ssh sessions open to the same job (which works fine), then when i close the first of them, the rest are immediately cut off.

This came as a surprise and seems like maybe a bug, or maybe an abusive misfeature.