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[HTCondor-users] Matching specific GPU model

How do I specify a specific GPU model in a Condor 8.8 submit file?

The CUDACapability requirement example in the manual works for me,
requirements = (CUDACapability >= 1.2) && $(requirements:True)

However, what I am doing wrong with, 
requirements = regexp("K10", TARGET.CUDADeviceName)

Here is part of condor_status -long from a random GPU node,

CUDA2DeviceName = "Tesla K10.G2.8GB"
CUDA3DeviceName = "Tesla K10.G2.8GB"
CUDA4DeviceName = "Tesla K10.G2.8GB"
CUDA5DeviceName = "Tesla K10.G2.8GB"
CUDA2DeviceName = "Tesla K10.G2.8GB"

CUDA0Capability = 5.0
CUDA1Capability = 5.0
CUDA2Capability = 3.0
CUDA3Capability = 3.0
CUDA4Capability = 3.0

More generally should all of the CUDA* attributes be able to match CUDA[:digit:]attribute (as works for CUDACapability)?


Stuart Anderson  anderson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx