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[HTCondor-users] runtime of Singularity interactive Jobs in HTcondor 8.8

Dear HTCondor experts,

I just skimmed through all open tickets and did not find a ticket tracking the regression in HTCondor 8.8
that interactive singularity jobs are only running for 3 minutes (i.e. until the "sleep 180" has finished),
or actually do not start at all if the /usr/libexec/condor/condor_ssh_to_job_shell_setup is left as it is.

Is this issue tracked somewhere and did I just miss the ticket?

If not tracked (yet): Interactive jobs in containers are a critical part of our cluster design, so it currently locks us to 8.6.13 on all workernodes
and I'd love to see this regression tracked in a ticket.


PS: I am fully aware the regression has been caused by a huge improvement of the implementation (which I support!),
    and I also know the fix is not straightforward (or at least, I am not aware of a straightforward fix).

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