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Re: [HTCondor-users] Parallel job with flocking, condor_tail does not work, upload/download to/from a running job, slots in Claimed-Idle state, ...

Indeed looks straightforward! Iâve tried this trick with the substitution "$(OPSYS)â, unfortunately it does not seem to work. It simply transforms to the OS of the host where job is submitted.

Note the two dollar signs: $$(ARCH). The second dollar sign means "don't evaluate until I've been matched", which should address the problem of being the submit node's ARCH (or OPSYS), instead of the execute node's.

Interesting idea, I shall try this. Where can I read about "startd flockingâ? Is there some recipe? Probably I simply not read the documentation careful enough, but I cannot find a word about this.

Huh. Neither can I. IIRC, the idea is to set COLLECTOR_HOST on the startd to a list of collectors -- the collector for each pool you want to have access to the startd. There's a lot of details I'm forgetting, I'm sure.

Iâve tried â no luck. Here is the simple submit file I used for this:

executable     = wrapper.sh
arguments      = ping -c444
universe       = vanilla
requirements   = OpSys == "LINUX"

How can I debug this?

	Try turning on the output and error logs?

- ToddM