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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_annex segmentation fault in version 8.8.1

The problem is that we got a Segmentation Fault error, and we would like to
tell you what we have done so you can track the problem.

	Sorry about that, and thanks for the bug report.

03/29/19 15:47:08 GAHP server pid = 850285
Caught signal 11: si_code=2, si_pid=17687328, si_uid=0, si_addr=0x10DE320
Stack dump for process 850280 at timestamp 1553870828 (4 frames)

	Could you send the rest of this stack trace?

Thus, after seeing this, we updated the condor version to 8.9.0 and
reproduce the same steps, then, there are no more segfault errors.

	Thanks for checking that.

- ToddM