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Re: [HTCondor-users] Regular Expressions in -constraint

On 11/6/19 12:00 PM, O'NEAL Mark via HTCondor-users wrote:



Thanks for your detailed response.



Following Christoph’s example I also tried:

condor_q -nobatch -const “ “lidarMatching” == regexps(“”(lidarMatching)””, JobBatchName, “”\1””) “


and similarly didn’t return any matches.  I will do some more work with it.


I suspect the problem here is shell quoting.  One of the best ways to debug what condor actually sees in this case is to turn up the schedd's debugging level by setting something like


in your condor_config file, then run condor_reconfig.  If you schedd is very busy, you may want to remove this verbosity after debugging.

In the SchedLog, it will print out the requirements _expression_ string as sent from the tool, after all the quoting and escaping has happened.