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Re: [HTCondor-users] Regular Expressions in -constraint

> Following Christophâs example I also tried:
> condor_q -nobatch -const â âlidarMatchingâ == regexps(ââ(lidarMatching)ââ, JobBatchName, ââ\1ââ) â

Hi Mark,

With windows cmd.exe (default shell in a command prompt window), you need to backwhack (leading backslash) in front of the double quotations going to HTCondor, and also the backslash itself.  

So try something like:
 condor_q -nobatch -const "\"lidarMatching\"==regexps(\"(lidarMatching)\",JobBatchName,\"\\1\")"

Another option would be to use a shell that is a little more friendly with quoting, like bash.

FWIW, on my Windows 10 laptop I am a big fan of 'cmder', which is a replacement command prompt
window. Not only does it look very nice, it allows you to select between cmd.exe or bash, and
it also gives you practically every common Linux command line utility on Windows (git, grep, find, etc).  

You can even install cmder quick and easy via Chocolatey, which is a package manager for Windows (like yum or apt-get).

Yes,  I like having my Windows laptop "feel like" Unix :)