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[HTCondor-users] Questions regarding MW https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/mw/

Hello Expert,

I was reading about the topic mentioned in subject. I really don't understand the purpose of it I know about MPI jobs which are using multiple machines with dedicated scheduler configuration.Â

Queries regarding MW:

- What kind of benefits this library will bring and how it can impact the normal functionalityÂof condor?Â
- Also we don't use checkpoint functionality so probably I need to rely on socket based communication out of 4 methods mentioned in [1]
- Is this actively maintained I can see last update of 2006.
- Do we need to compile it on submitÂnode and job will do the negotiation using condor master only?

Text from condor wiki:

In the world of parallel jobs, HTCondor supports the standardÂMessage Passing InterfaceÂandÂParallel Virtual MachineÂ(Goux, et al. 2000) in addition to its own Master Worker "MW" library for extremely parallel tasks.


Any inputs are highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Vikrant Aggarwal