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[HTCondor-users] Question about cluster setup

Hi, all. I'm a newbie who is trying to install condor at the cluster environment.
Since I'm not familiar with cluster setup, I'm having trouble to install/configure condor.
I'm trying to have a separate machine that has a role of "central manger" and "submit" while having a multiple slave nodes that only "execute".
My machines have ubuntu 18.04 so I successfully installed ubuntu package as the installation using tarball wasn't recommended on the online doc. https://htcondor.readthedocs.io/en/v8_8_6/admin-manual/installation-startup-shutdown-reconfiguration.html#unix-installation-from-a-repository

Here's the steps I think I should follow:
  1. Install the package on all machines ( a machine for "manager/submit" + all slave machines for "execute")
  2. Use condor_configure to configure the type of each machine.
Is this the right approach?
I'm having errors at the second step providing right directories for release/local/install ...

Any suggestion/advice will be greatly helpful.
Thank you!
Best, Sung