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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_status -compact

compact mode fetches only p-slots and static slots, it adds the constraint

   && (PartitionableSlot =?= true || DynamicSlot =!= true)

So that it doesn't fetch dynamic slots at all,  and the "Slots" column is the value of the NumDynamicSlots field
a _ indicates that there is no NumDynamicSlots field, is batch1051.desy.de  a single huge static slot?

what does 

   condor_status batch1051.desy.de -af:h Name PartitionableSlot DynamicSlot NumDynamicSlots 



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I do have two questions concerning condor_status compact. 

The output seems to be somehow different for SL6 and CEntOS7: 

[root@bird-htc-sched14 ~]# condor_status -compact 
Machine             Platform    Slots Cpus Gpus  TotalGb FreCpu  FreeGb  CpuLoad ST Jobs/Min MaxSlotGb
batch1051.desy.de   x64/CentOS7 _       48        251.64      1     4.00    0.45 Ui     0.00 *        
bird-cfel01.desy.de x64/SL6        11   12        252.37      1   234.37    0.85 **     3.50      2.00

The number of slots is not displayed but a '-' instead ? 

Also the total at this moment gives me: 

               Machines Owner Claimed Unclaimed Matched Preempting  Drain

   x64/CentOS7     3302     0    3081       215       0          0      6
       x64/SL6     2883     0    2759       111       0          9      4

         Total     6185     0    5840       326       0          9     10

While adding up the total of partitionable slot-cpus gives: 

[root@bird-htc-sched14 ~]# condor_status -constraint 'OpSysAndVer == "CentOS7"' -af NAME TotalSlotCpus  SlotType | awk '$3=="Partitionable"{s+=$2}END{print s}'

(I know this could be done more professional but it happens to be the way we process it for some plots)

I went through most of the documentation (at least I think so) but could not figure out where the considerable difference between the two numbers comes from ? 

As always thanks for every hint ! ;) 


Christoph Beyer
DESY Hamburg

Notkestr. 85
Building 02b, Room 009
22607 Hamburg

mail: christoph.beyer@xxxxxxx
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