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[HTCondor-users] [HTCondor-Users] condor_userprio calculation related query

Hello HTCondor Experts,

I have a query regarding condor_userprio output. We are using this output for billing purpose. While running some tests recently we found that condor_userprio is calculating priorities based on allocated resources not used resources. Let's say if one job is starting multiple forked processes then cgroup will opportunistlly allows job to use more CPUs but condor_userprio is calculating the priorityÂonly based on requested_cpus. I confirm this by running test also is this expected behavior? if yes, then what's the best way to charge customer based on actual used resources. I don't want to go with the way of looking at history of job to see the time spent by job on CPU.Â

On other other hand output of procd_ctl seems to be showing the accounting of all used resources. Shouldn't condor_userprior use this information?

# procd_ctl -A /var/run/condor/procd_pipe get_usage 1759997
Number of Processes: 14
User CPU Time (s): 47
System CPU Time (s): 29
CPU Percentage (%): 104.764578
Maximum Image Size (KB): 6128172
Total Image Size(KB): 6128172
Bytes read from block devices (KB): 0
Bytes written to block devices (KB): 0

Vikrant Aggarwal