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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_transform_ads on 'new-style'(?) eval_set rules?

No.    It has some debug code to convert job router routes into the transform syntax
and print them out, but it will not use them as transform rules. 

condor_transform_ads -convertoldroutes

will read JOB_ROUTER_ENTRIES and JOB_ROUTER_ENTRIES_FILE knobs and convert the routes defined there
into transform syntax, then print them to stdout.   That is the extent that it understands the job router syntax. 


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Subject: [HTCondor-users] condor_transform_ads on 'new-style'(?) eval_set rules?

Hi all,

can I actually use
with transforms using 'eval_set_*'?

With a test rule [1.a] on a [1.b] condor_transform_ads seem to not parse
the evals
  > condor_transform_ads -verbose -rule myjob_debug.rule -in
  > echo $?

> myjob_debug.rule
eval_set_MaxJobRetirementTime = 7 * 24 * 3600;
eval_set_DefaultMinMemory = 512;
eval_set_DefaultMinDisk = 512000;
eval_set_DefaultMemory = 1536;
eval_set_MaxVacateTime = 5 * 60;
eval_set_DefaultDisk = 3072000;

> cat myjob_debug.classads
executable     = mypayload.sh
universe       = vanilla
input          = mypayload.data
output         = mypayload.out
error          = mypayload.error
log            = mypayload.log
DefaultMemory  = 2345
DefaultDisk    = 6789