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[HTCondor-users] Owner set on 8.8* for GSI submission


Looking at a problem someone has submitting jobs from a (remote) 8.8.4 machine to one of our CEs (running 8.8.5). 

The submit fails like this:

[bejones@batchman04 condor]$ condor_submit -pool condorce02.cern.ch:9619 -remote condorce02.cern.ch -spool grid.sub  
Submitting job(s).
ERROR: Failed to commit job submission into the queue.

Logs on the CE say this:

10/21/19 15:51:05 (D_ALWAYS) SetAttribute security violation: setting owner to "bejones" when active owner is "dteam005"

Looking at the job ad from a (successful) submission from a remote machine running 8.6.6 and one from the 8.8 machine, the diff seems pretty obvious:

-Owner = undefined
+Owner = "bejones"

The CE is doing GSS_ASSIST_GRIDMAP to get to dteam005, correctly. 

Is there some new knob on the remote to not set the Owner?


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