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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_submit does not respect multiple universe commands in the same submit file

This is expected behavior.  Although we should do a better job of reporting this as an error. 

The universe statement changes the way the submit file parser interprets the submit file itself.  it is not simply another attribute of the job. 
Because of this, the parser only ever looks at the universe statement once after it allocates a cluster id from the schedd.   For nearly 
all submit files, this means once for the whole submission. 

The exception, *for now* is that when you change the executable  the submit parser allocates a new cluster id from the schedd
and that has the side effect of having the latest universe definition take effect for the new cluster.  This is arguably a bug. 

But in any case, you should not depend on this behavior!!  It will very likely stop working in the future.  

condor_submit allocates a second cluster id when the executable changes because that is required for the (now obsolete) standard universe.   In the 8.9 series, standard universe is gone, and we are in the process of tearing out all of the special case code to handle it.   At some point this will include allocating a new cluster id when the executable changes. 


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I am trying to put multiple jobs in different universes in the same condor_submit file. I have one local universe job and one vanilla universe job. It looks like condor_submit is ignoring the second universe command and running both jobs in the local universe. See example below. This is with HTCondor 8.8.5 on the LIGO-Caltech computing cluster.


Dr. Leo P. Singer
Research Astrophysicist
Astroparticle Physics Laboratory
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

ldas-pcdev1:~ lsinger$ cat foo.sub 
accounting_group = ligo.dev.o3.cbc.pe.bayestar
executable = /usr/bin/env
arguments = "hostname --fqdn"

universe = local
output = foo-local.out
error = foo-local.err
log = foo-local.log

universe = vanilla
output = foo-vanilla.out
error = foo-vanilla.err
log = foo-vanilla.log

ldas-pcdev1:~ lsinger$ cat foo-local.out 

ldas-pcdev1:~ lsinger$ cat foo-vanilla.out 

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